The direction is obvious, but where to stop and sleep? Hopefully by the water! It's not that hard - you just have to try. They say that Masuria is the land of a thousand lakes! In fact, there are over two and a half thousand of them. 


There are so many secluded places where you can safely crash, drink tea with rum (this is sailors' area after all!) You can chill and watch individual boats glide across the surface of the water under full sail. We know a lot of wild camping spots around here, but you have to reckon the holiday season is really hot here! The first come, first served principle works best here. 


During the journey, you must prepare for winding paths that sometimes resemble those from mountainous regions. By leisurely driving around, you will get used to the sight of dense forests, wild animals, water channels and freshly formed lakes. The storks and the less liked mosquitoes are the most numerous here. So you should prepare yourself with good deterrents and mosquito nets. These, however, are included. 


There are 2.5 thousand bathing opportunities ahead of you, don't forget your swimming trunks! To really experience this area, we recommend a minimum of 5 days. Go slow and go with the flow :)




Stop spots on the road:Cliff in Szeroki Ostrów, wild beach Giżycko, Sztynort, nurkowisko j. Ołów


Photos from the trip

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