It is a direction for both beginners as well as more advanced vagabonds, perfect for an extended May weekend (8 days). We recommend discovering the northwest coast. The farthest, until after Mali Lošinj. A simple route and a leisurely tour of the charming islands. There are beaches, mountains and small trekking routes in the vicinity. It's worth getting an outdoor shower so that you can rinse yourself of salt after swimming in the Adriatic Sea.


When it comes to Croatian cuisine, seafood is our unrivaled number. Prices are similar to the polish ones. You can also "accidentally" drop by an Italian pizza in Trieste, and on the way back take an evening walk around Vienna.


When preparing for your trip, think about minimalism. Take only the things you need. Everything can be bought at reasonable prices on the spot. Give up the rule: whatever, maybe it will be useful. Think if it's really worth it, because the more things you take with you, the less you'll like it in the long run.

Stop spots on the road:: parking near Vienna, Medvedgrad, Krk, Baska, Cres, Valun - delicious food, Losinj, Mali Losinj, Trieste.


Photos from the trip

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