Northern Eurotrip - from Denmark to Estonia via Norway and Finland. Incredible journey. Imagine: three guys, three tents, provisions, clothes, all packed in octavia skoda and a tour through the scandinavian wilderness. Phew, it wasn't easy!

Adrenaline, sometimes difficult conditions, sun, mountains and the daily motto: "You agreed, so you have to reckon with it." However, all hardships are compensated by the sight of Norwegian fjords or reindeer right after entering Lapland. It is worth taking some food from Poland, because you rarely pass shops, and a loaf of bread costs PLN 20. Think about simple good dishes that you can make that you won't need meat from the fridge, mainly vegetables and some kind of "coals". It's not about leaving with 10 jars of baked beans, but with what's really valuable and good. Tomato sauce, coconut milk curry, and vegetable protein are things that we always have with us on board. Remember about a hot tea with honey and lemon and at least one hot meal during the day. I's the best way to keep you alive! It keeps you alive! 

In Norway, it is allowed to sleep in the wild and you can put up a tent 150 meters from the houses. If you think you can do it, it is worth trying to sleep in a tent in amazing places, for instance in the mountains. In Finland, there are many open huts with wood and a firebox, and even an ecological toilet for everyone. You can wash yourself in the streams that come straight from a glacier (brr!), But adaptable. Perfect direction for longer vanlife.

Stop spots on the road::football pitch and beach in Denmark, Kjerag, Trolltunga, Preikestolen, Lofoten, Tromso, Helsinki, Tallinn, Rummu Quarry, beaches in Latvia, Vilnus and Mazury.


Photos from the trip

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