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Hello fellow vagabonds, Let us introduce ourselves, we're Alicja and Adam. A couple of adventure aficionados that love discovering new places by a little home on wheels. For the past 10 years, we've travelled to many countries around the globe, met inspiring people, and saw breathtaking landscapes. What we love about vanlife is the freedom that it gives us. Home is basically where we park! No big plans and preparations needed. Just us, the road, and off the beaten track sleeping places. Isn't cool?! W tym duchu chcieliśmy znaleźć sposób, aby połączyć indywidualne wymagania z możliwościami, jakie oferują odwiedzane kraje i co najważniejsze, podzielić się z Wami naszym pomysłem na podróżowanie. I tak powstał pierwszy – WAGABUNDA VAN – stworzony z myślą o ludziach kochających podróże, wolność i naturę, ludziach, którzy nie przykładają większej wagi do drobiazgowego planowania, a jednocześnie czerpiących z podróży maksimum.Book one of our vans and get a taste of life on the road! Cheers,  Alicja & Adam

Our Vans


 A small and inconspicuous automatic madman. Invisible in the forest, not revealing in the city - like a chameleon blending into the surroundings. Comfortable with a large space for sleeping and sitting inside. Less for luggage, but still very roomy. For longer trips, we recommend a roof coffin.


Peugeot Expert - MINI Home on wheels. Perfect couple or a family of 3.

You will find everything you need inside.  


Większy od Experta, ale to nie Hultaj. 

Dokładny mieszaniec jak widać na załączonym obrazku.

Prysznic zewnętrzny i zlew w środku.
Trzy systemy grzewcze wody i jeden powietrzny.

 Pojemna lodówka kompresorowa na ciepłe dni. Łoże ze schowkami szerokie na 1.7 i długie na 2 metry.


Proper Home on wheels. Hultaj is ready to be taken on two or 4-person escapades. 



Największy z rodu full wypas. Niewyróżniający się zewnątrz, a zaskakujący od środka.

Łazienka z toaletą chemiczną+ prysznic wewnętrzny. 








Our philosophy

Home is where
you park it

It's the journey
not the destination

Discover the nature and feel
the taste of freedom


Wagabunda Van

We wanted to make it easier for you to access information, and we have gathered together the questions that are frequently asked. What to take with you? How to prepare for the trip? Does the car have a mileage limit? We answer these and many other questions. Of course, if there are any other questions about our vans and destinations, please contact us! We are happy to help and advise you 🙂

Your favorite pillow, bed sheet, duvet, or sleeping bag. 

We try to equip our vans with all the necessary cooking equipment, but if you have your favourite utensils, you can of course take them with you.

You are not going to a hotel so we advise you to not to bring a suitcase with wheels. Paradoxically, it's best to arrange your things loose in the built-in space. Take comfortable and sporty clothes with you.

Dla wyprawy poniżej 14 dni, dzienny limit kilometrów to 300km. Jeśli wiesz, że na pewno nie jesteś w stanie się zmieścić to dogadamy wysokość dopłaty.

Standardowo kaucją jest kwotą wynajmu. Jeśli masz z tym problem, please get in touch with us.

Yes, you can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the planned rental.

At our base: Wagabunda Van in Plewiska.
If you have a problem with getting there, let us know and we will adjust the pickup location.

You must have: a category B driving license (minimum 2 years) entitling you to drive this type of vehicle, and a second document with a photo (passport or ID card).

You should be at least 21.

Of course there is a possibility just get in touch with us.

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Our vans are fully insured: comprehensive cover, liability insurance and assistance.

 In case of problems, a car carrier from the insurance company will tow you to the nearest garage. In case of an accident, an overnight stay at the hotel for 2 days is guaranteed.

Who will convince us that they can drive a longer car. We do not want to discriminate people under the age of 21, but you must remember that our minivans can be really long.

Each caddy has:a stove with gas supply, cooking equipment (pot, frying pan, cutting board, cutlery, cups, bowls, plates, coffee maker), a small table + 2x folding chairs, curtains and a folding mattress.

No, the reservation is considered accepted when you get a feedback from us confirming the reservation.

Reservations can be made by filling in the reservation form on our website or wagabunda.van@gmail.com .

No, there may be more drivers, but we need to know their details before you leave the base.

Sure, you can extend your trip but only if our rental schedule allows it.
However, please contact us in advance to arrange the details.

You rent the van clean and with a full tank of gas and you need to return it in the same way.

We can't wait to hear your travel ideas

Contact us and plan your dream trip!